Woven Molodies

TheLanternCity - Woven Melodies_Desktop

Theme Music https://youtu.be/YDdQ-yAfhPs Woven Melodies ThemeMusic Theme Music Accompanying the beautiful artworks of The Lantern City is an exclusively composed musical piece, highlighting connections between cultures from Taiwan to Canada and beyond, allows us to hear a coming together of traditions, heritage, and arts.  Inspired by the weaving culture of the Indigenous people of Taiwan, … Read more

Forever Young

GRANVILLE ISLAND - feature image

Granville Island(Ocrean Art Works) ForeverYoung TheLanternCity Jan. 29th to Feb. 21stFree Program Granville Island is a place of creativity, where many residents of Vancouver have familiar memories of childhood tied to its colourful setting. Children are fountains of creativity, with imaginations sprawling farther than their arms can reach, providing us with a refreshing perspective on … Read more

Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders_Ox-Picious Lantern_Mobile

Winter Wonders Coastal Lunar Lanterns Family Ties Lanterns, a traditional artform in many cultures, meet with the new and ever-evolving technology of today. Step into a world of Augmented Reality that brings the stories of artists to life. Explore the connections between mother earth and family, and traditions being passed down from generation to generation. … Read more

Reretan Pavavaljung

CLL Art Work 08 Reretan Pavavaljung

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Reretan Pavavaljung Paiwan, Taiwan Reretan Pavavaljung Paiwan, Taiwan Reretan Pavavaljung is a Paiwan artist, who was born in Dashe Village, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan (the Tjavadran community). Reretan’s family is known for being traditional artists (Pulima). Reretan has been influenced by his father Sakuliu in the field of arts since he … Read more

Sakuliu Pavavaljung

CLL Art Work 06 Sakuliu Pavavaljung

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Sakuliu Pavavaljung Paiwan, Taiwan Sakuliu Pavavaljung Paiwan, Taiwan Sakuliu Pavavaljung was born in Paiwan Indigen­ous community of Tjavadran in Pingtung. He is keenly aware of the cultural changes of the tribe and often practices through creative means, public events, and ceremonies to rebuild the lost or soon-to-be lost traditions of the tribe. … Read more

Bert Monterona

Single_Artwork 06-Waves of Culture

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Bert Monterona Bert Monterona Bert is an artist, educator and cultural worker doing designing, illustrations, painting, murals, sculpture and installations. He is a recipient of the Western Australia Department of the Arts and Australia Council for the Arts Grants and Asian Artists Awards of Vermont Studio Centre and Freeman Foundation, U.S.A., He … Read more

Cory Douglas

Single_Artwork 05-Salish Snowflake

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Cory Douglas Cory Douglas Cory Douglas was born in Vancouver and is a Squamish Nation member with Haida and Tsimshian ancestry. Cory began his business ‘Modern Formline’ as a graphic artist and is now proficiently designing drums, tattoos, original paintings and hand engraved jewellery. Salish Snowflake Family is about connection, being unique … Read more

Kent Chan-Kusalik

Single_Artwork 04-The Sweet Buzz of Community

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Kent Chan-Kusalik Kent Chan-Kusalik Kent Chan-Kusalik is a mixed-race Chinese Canadian who is both trans and non-binary. Born and raised on unceded Coast Salish territories, Kent currently lives in New Westminster. Kent works in mixed media and digital art, drawing from Asian textile patterns and social justice themes. The Sweet Buzz of … Read more

Mario (MAYO) Landicho

Single_Artwork 03-Katribo

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Mario (MAYO) Landicho Mario (MAYO) Landicho Mayo is a multi-disciplinary artist, born and raised in the Philippines. A former school teacher, he moved to Canada around 1999 and is an internationally renowned/award-winning tattoo artist. He was a part of the elite Dimasalang III artist group and has done art exhibits around BC. … Read more

Pierre Luigi Vassura

Single_Artwork 02-Oxen

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Pierre Luigi Vassura Pierre Luigi Vassura Pierre Vassura was born in Romagna, Italy in 1935. At the age of twenty, he moved to France in search of artistic experiences where he secured work as a ceramics designer.  He later became a technical and production expert in several ceramic factories throughout Switzerland, France, … Read more