Mario (MAYO) Landicho

Single_Artwork 03-Katribo

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Mario (MAYO) Landicho Mario (MAYO) Landicho Mayo is a multi-disciplinary artist, born and raised in the Philippines. A former school teacher, he moved to Canada around 1999 and is an internationally renowned/award-winning tattoo artist. He was a part of the elite Dimasalang III artist group and has done art exhibits around BC. … Read more

Pierre Luigi Vassura

Single_Artwork 02-Oxen

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Pierre Luigi Vassura Pierre Luigi Vassura Pierre Vassura was born in Romagna, Italy in 1935. At the age of twenty, he moved to France in search of artistic experiences where he secured work as a ceramics designer.  He later became a technical and production expert in several ceramic factories throughout Switzerland, France, … Read more

Tierney Milne

Single_Artwork 01-Coastal Memories

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Tierney Milne Tierney Milne Tierney Milne is a Montreal-born, Vancouver-based artist and muralist who focuses on interrupting people’s day with positivity. With a background in Psychology (UBC) and a keen interest in how simple shapes and colours affect our wellbeing, Tierney combines intentional compositions, bold palettes and vibrant patterns to bring her … Read more

2021 Community Lanterns

Community Lanterns _ We Are a Family

Together We Are A FamilyRegardless of Our Origins and Heritages CommunityLanterns We Are AFamily As part of the vision to realize the dream of making Vancouver a Lantern City, six lanterns will be presented at English Bay (1800 Davie Street, Vancouver) as part of the Community Lantern project – “We Are A Family”. To echo … Read more

Etan Pavavaljung

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Etan Pavavaljung Paiwan, Taiwan Etan Pavavaljung Paiwan, Taiwan Etan Pavavalung is a Paiwanese artist born in Davalan Village, Pingtung County, Taiwan. Etan’s artworks are multi-dimensional, including poetry, prose, graphic design, painting, illustration for children books, engraving, installation and video work. He is also a documentary film director. By way of documentaries such … Read more

Summer Cannell

CLL Art Work 04 Summer Cannell

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Summer Cannell Musqueam, Canada Summer Cannell Musqueam, Canada Summer Cannell is the granddaughter of Musqueam artist Susan Point. She attends West Point Grey Academy, where she enjoys art classes and art shows through her school. Together with her father, Thomas Cannell, Summer created a logo celebrating the Musqueam – YVR Friendship agreement. … Read more

Kelly Cannell

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Kelly Cannell Musqueam, Canada Kelly Cannell Musqueam, Canada Kelly Cannell is a Coast Salish artist from the Musqueam Nation in Vancouver, British Columbia. At a very young age Kelly began to explore her career in art. Her worldwide travels throughout the years and her connection to nature have been the foundation of … Read more

Thomas Cannell

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Thomas Cannell Musqueam, Canada Thomas Cannell Musqueam, Canada Thomas learned artistry primarily from his mother, Coast Salish Artist Susan A. Point and carving from John Livingston. He’s adapted the ancient Coast Salish visual language, evolved throughout the ages and then again through his mother’s contemporary style, into his perception of modern-day Coastal … Read more

Susan Point

Archive 01 Susan Point

Coastal Lunar Lanterns Susan Point Musqueam, Canada Susan Point Musqueam, Canada Susan Point is a descendant of the Musqueam, Coast Salish peoples; she is Edna Grant and Anthony Point’s daughter. Susan inherited the beliefs of her culture and ancestral traditions from her mother Edna – who learned from her mother, Mary Charlie-Grant. Susan’s distinct style … Read more

2021 Coastal Lunar Lanterns

Desktop_Coastal Lunar Lanterns 2

Two Indigenous FamiliesOn each end of the Pacific Ocean Coastal Lunar Lanterns Family Ties In 2019, a group of Indigenous artists embraced the idea of celebrating the Lunar New Year tradition in the form of Coastal Lunar Lanterns, a collaborative project between LunarFest Vancouver and Tourism Vancouver that aims to make Vancouver the top North … Read more