Winter Wonders

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Coastal Lunar Lanterns

Family Ties

Lanterns, a traditional artform in many cultures, meet with the new and ever-evolving technology of today. Step into a world of Augmented Reality that brings the stories of artists to life. Explore the connections between mother earth and family, and traditions being passed down from generation to generation. Download the UniteAR app and scan a lantern to activate the AR elements and see the magic appear on your screen. 

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LunarFest Vancouver

Ox-Picious Lantern

It’s an Ox-Picious year! Call upon the incoming spring blossoms with your lantern through the magic of Augmented Reality. Download the UnitedAR app and scan your lantern to see it come to life and join us in our virtual lantern parade! We wish you a Happy and Ox-Picious year!

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